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Pre sales engineer jobs (a number)
1 to help sales understand customer needs, and customer and technical exchanges and negotiations;
2, responsible for making the tender, tender presentations, system demonstrations program instructions;
3, responsible for pre-sales technical training for customers and partners;
4, finishing system requirements, write requirements specification, technical program book;
5 to help guide customers to the sales decision;
6, the latest technology to grasp the IT industry.
【job requirements】:
1, Bachelor degree or above, computer and related professional experience can be relaxed condition;
2, proficiency in C / C ++ or JAVA, have a certain network, database and software engineering knowledge;
3, with more than one year tender and pre-sales technical support experience in system integration projects;
4, good language skills and writing skills, the ability to better explain the PPT;
5, has a good design ability, can use tools such as Visio drawing topology;
6, practical and pragmatic, serious and responsible attitude towards work, good communication and teamwork;
7, learn IBM, Microsoft, ORACLE related software, priorities;
8, excellent condition welcome graduates to join.
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Recruitment Telesales (a number)
1, by telephone to explore and track potential customers, the accumulation of customer resources, sales targets;
2, analyze customer needs, summed up the market, industry characteristics and the law, to provide professional system solutions;
3, on a regular basis in accordance with the company to complete the task requires looking for business opportunities;
4, maintaining the old customer's business, and tap the full potential clients.

【job requirements】:

1, standard Mandarin fluently, voice contagious;
2, with excellent communication and presentation skills;
3, love sales work, the courage to challenge difficulties;
4, the courage to face difficulties, a strong sense of purpose, compression and strong;
5, familiar with the operation Office and other office software;
6, software sales experience preferred.
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